Project Aims

Until end of 2013, we intend to set a course together with you, West Slovakia and Lower Austria.

Amongst others, through:

• a cooperation between existing and new members of the European Land and Soil Alliance
• an offer of training for municipal "soil ambassadors"
• a selection and documentation of examples/best-practice examples: "Actionbase of municipal soil protection"
• trainings and international expert meetings on soil protection
• identification of potential flooding areas alongside the Morava river by comparison of soil maps (SK and Lower Austria)
• Information events concerning the topic of „soil as an indicator of flood occurrences" *)
• teaching materials concerning the topic of "soil – water" for educational institutions
• Extraction of regional soil colours
• Soil colour creative competition for schools
• Soil film for documentation of entire project
• Paying attention to best-possible sustainability of all stages of project
• Support of a positive soil awareness by diffusion of information to the population (for instance through articles in municipal newsletters and at events)


At each flood occurrence, river sediments are deposited. Floodings can be read from the soil and are indicators for the probability of future floodings. This connection is used in order to identify potentially threatened areas alongside the Morava river. Soil information from West Slovakia and Lower Austria is examined: air photographs, river flood waters, pedo-ecological maps. It is the aim to acquire a simple, cost-saving method to perceive and communicate areas at risk, which can be made conferrable to all river areas.


26. & 27.3.2014
21st Conference of the Working Community of the Danube Regions

in Tulln an der Donau (Austria)

14. - 16.5.2014
ELSA & SONDAR CZ-AT Conference

in Lednice (Czech Republic)


Bernhard Kuderer, MSc.

Soil and Energy Network of European Countries - BIENE Association

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