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Our Soil Needs Partners Like You!

We are gladly looking forward to a cooperation with:
• Communal stakeholdes = mayors, mandataries, municipal clerks, local opinion leaders for soil and environmental protection
• Educational institutions = teachers, children, parents
• Planning institutions and persons applying for building permits
• Voluntary organizations

On the basis of a common manifesto of cities and towns, municipalities and regions, the European Land and Soil Alliance (ELSA) has been founded in 2000. The province of Lower Austria entered the alliance in 2003. The campaign "Our soil – we stand upon it" has triggered off a large number of activities for municipalities, regions, and schools. Nowadays the more than 80 members of the Soil and Land Alliance form the largest regional group in all of Europe, and also the chairman of the Soil and Land Alliance comes from Lower Austria. The Department of Rural Development coordinates all measures of soil protection in Lower Austria. The "working group of ecology and soil protection" of the Working Community of Danube Countries has established a good partnership, which has existed for more than 30 years now, and an intense expert exchange of opinions between Lower Austria, Czech Republic, and the other bordering countries. Within the framework of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region, several EU projects of territorial cooperation are now being launched. It is the aim to establish a network of soil protection in the Danube region. The first of these projects, SONDAR CZ-AT, has been initiated by Slovak and Lower Austrian partners.

Our Soil Needs Partners!
It is necessary and useful to think about soil!

Municipal clerks in charge, educational institutions, active associations, and certainly also all proprietors of real property are invited to join us and to actively take part. SONDAR CZ-AT offers many opportunities to learn more about soil and to become active for soil in a targeted manner!


We are looking for Lower Austrian and Czech educational institutions (elementary school / secondary school), which would like to participate in a cross-border painting competition "Painting with the Colours of the Earth" from February to April 2012.
Information under: and

Contact person:
Bernhard Kuderer, MSc.
SENEC Soil and Energy Network of European Countries
tel.: +43 (0)676 751 33 73

The educators interested shall be trained within the framework of soil colour painting seminars in painting techniques, natural binding agents, and the backgrounds of socially produced soil colours gained from domestic soils.
This leaflet contains a poster about the cross-border painting competition of Lower Austria and Southern Moravia (2010/2011), which shows all of the 128 pieces of art.


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Flexibles Begrünungsmanagement im Weinbau

Familie Pamperl, 2023 Nappersdorf, Kleinweikersdorf 35

14. - 16.5.2014
ELSA & SONDAR CZ-AT Conference

Multifunction centre Lednice Château

SONDAR CZ-AT Excursion

Researuch Institute for Fodder Crops, Troubsko

Contact AT: 

Bernhard Kuderer, MSc.
Soil and Energy Network of European Countries - BIENE Association

0043 676 751 33 73

Contact CZ:

Antonín Okénka
Municipality of Nová Lhota

0042 0724 168 208