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Soil and Energy Network of European Countries – BIENE Association
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Bank: PSK
Account no.: 005 100 197 92
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Director Franz RYBACZEK, GVA Lilienfeld Eschenau; Mayor Michael SINGRABER, Kaumberg; Mayor, MPP Franz RENNHOFER, Lichtenegg;

Contact person:
Bernhard Kuderer, MSc /

Projekt Manager Bernhard Kuderer, MSc

Nadja Meister, Bernhard Kuderer, MSc

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26. & 27.3.2014
21st Conference of the Working Community of the Danube Regions

in Tulln an der Donau (Austria)

14. - 16.5.2014
ELSA & SONDAR CZ-AT Conference

in Lednice (Czech Republic)


Bernhard Kuderer, MSc.

Soil and Energy Network of European Countries - BIENE Association

0043 676 751 33 73


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